Friday, January 8, 2010


  • The drug is in the form of ''powder'', and administered by mixing the drug with food particles,with or without the knowledge of patient.
  • The patients who come voluntarily to stop alcohol by themselves,are getting very rapid results.
  • They are advised to take the medicine regularly in the morning with milk or any health drink.
  • ''Curry'',''Chudney'',''Coffee"' & ''Tea'' are the common vehicles for administration usually in the patients who are taking the drug without their knowledge.
  • No taste or smell is felt in the drug and it is the only great advantage in the cases who are being treated indirectly.
  • If the patient consume alcohol during treatment,vomiting or some unpleasant feeling occurs.
  • The family members or the person who is responsible to the patient is already explained about this difficulty.
  • After few days of drug administration, the patient use to leave their alcoholic friends and get a tendency to go their home in time.
  • This tendency is observed mostly in all of the cases.
  • Gradually in a short period of 7 to 10 days,the patient withdraw alcohol completely.
  • In this time, patient feels very tired and seek the reason for tiredness.Actually the reason of tiredness is due to the absence of alcohol in the circulation.
  • The patient is advised to take additional foods like FRUIT JUICES & VEGETABLE SOUP to maintain the energy balance.
  • The respondent of the patient is strictly advised not to open the secret of giving drug to him.It will collapse all the above positive results.
  • A minimum period of 3 months without fail is advised for very good results.
  • Even then the drug may be continued with intervals to get the maximum performance.
  • More than 95% result is experienced in my patients.
  • Few patients who are not getting drugs regularly as prescribed are consuming alcohol later.... but not as past.
  • It is advised to take the medicine as prescribed without fail.
  • If the medicine is properly administered,NO DOUBT WE WILL GET 100% RESULTS.
mode of receiving medicine.
  Through courier.

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